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"Forte'", in FREEFORM style! That means no accent bars, just good ol' fiberart as it should be. Free to move, no boundaries!

Design: “Forte” is made from the softest natural cotton rope and is woven together into an abstract arch design before being hand-frayed and tapered into a conversation piece your walls will thank you for! It’s the perfect mix of design and texture for your bedroom, entryway, living, or dining room. Measures approximately 27" wide by 4 ft tall (from tallest peak to the longest end of the weave)

Installation: Product comes with a picture hanger on the back for ease of installation and includes supports to keep your loops steady and in place! Recommend hanging with a drywall anchor into the wall for stability and support. We do NOT supply anchors or screws. Customer is responsible for those items.

Processing and Custom Color Requests: Item is made to order and will be ready to ship in 3-4 weeks after the order has been placed. As "Forte'" is a handmade product slight variations in overall length may vary up to 1 inch.

Want to see more of my work? Check it out on Instagram! "candiceluter"


• All fiber art can be adjusted so please feel free to bend, snip, and adjust as needed after shipment as things may shift.
• Picture hanger mounted on the back for ease of installation. Ready to hang! Drywall anchors and screws suggested for hanging (we do NOT provide that and are not responsible for how you hang your piece into the type of wall you have)

Customer satisfaction is always the goal! Please do not hesitate to reach out for any feedback that may assist with improving my process and product. This is an open door policy!
As items are delicate to ship, items are non-returnable and refunds not accepted unless damaged during shipping (must show proof).
-Need to Cancel an order? Orders can only be cancelled within 7 days after ordering for a full refund. After 7 days orders can be cancelled but a 30% restocking fee will apply as material will have already been ordered for your custom order that cannot be returned.