Go Green!

Want to join our green story* AND get a reward for doing your part in return?! You're my kind of people!  Our new custom foam inserts were a necessary part in the evolution of our shipping process to ensure that your order arrived safe and sound.  However, this foam isn't biodegradable and that just didn't sit well with us!  As determined individuals we wanted to continue our green initiative by developing a recycling program that we could be proud and in addition, one that you could be a part of! 

We've teamed up with the great folks at Fedex to make "doing your part" effortless, seamless, and easy!  Simply follow the FIVE steps below and we will take it from there! Go Green!

*The "Go Green To Get Green" return program is only available on mirror orders that have been packaged with our black custom foam inserts.  All other packaged products contain material that are non-returnable and therefore ineligible as part of this program.

Follow the steps listed below to being your return process

Step 1: Click "Go Green!" above to begin your return process.

Step 2: Fill out all required fields. Be sure to note whether you choose Fedex drop-off or scheduled pickup at your address. (Wait for instructions from our team via email confirming your scheduled pickup time.)

Step 3: You will receive a return request confirmation to the email you provided, along with a Fedex label. Print this label, fold it, and place it inside the plastic shipping sleeve located on the outside of the return shipping poly bag. Please ensure that all return information is visible through the shipping sleeve.

Step 4: Place all foam inserts inside return shipping poly bag. Use the self-seal adhesive strip on the edge of the bag to secure and close instantly. Please note that all sixteen pieces of foam will need to be included in order for your return to be considered “complete." For reference, a visual guide of all required foam is listed below.

Step 5: If you have opted to drop your package off at a Fedex location, do so, and your part is complete! If you have opted to schedule a Fedex pickup, please be on the lookout for an email from our team within 24-48 hours of your return request with a scheduled date and time for pickup. Please ensure that this package is ready and waiting for Fedex outside your door the morning of your scheduled pickup. Once your package has been picked up by Fedex, your part is complete!



Once your package is received, our logistics team will perform an inspection to confirm that all foam inserts are included. When return is considered "complete," an email from our team will be sent congratulating you on being a part of our Green Story along with your unique 30% discount code (one-time use) to be used at any time on a future purchase of your choice!