Standard Item Listings: As all our items are handmade and made to order, we do not stock inventory on any given product.  A standard listing order may be eligible for a full refund if cancelled within 3 business days after being placed.  A request to cancel after 3 business days, will incur a 30% restocking fee to reimburse the studio towards the labor and material that has already been invested in and allocated toward your order.  Note: Once an item has been produced and shipped, that order is considered closed out and cannot be cancelled under any circumstance.  For cancellation inquiries please contact our Operations team (

Custom Orders: Custom orders are specialty items made to order.  Once your custom order has been placed and funds received, your order cannot be cancelled for any reason.  All custom orders are supplied with pictures when ready to ship for design approval.  Once an order has been approved to ship by the buyer, your order is considered complete.  No cancellations or returns accepted.  For questions on custom orders please contact our Operations team (

On-Site Installation Orders: By purchasing a custom on-site installation order you are entering into a binding contract.  Deposits or full payments made to begin production after funds are received, cannot be cancelled for any reason.  If a 50% deposit has been placed and the project cancelled, the buyer forfeits the deposit and the remaining balance will not be charged.  If a 100% deposit has been placed and the project cancelled, the buyer forfeits the full payment for that project and in rare circumstances a credit may be approved to be placed on the buyers account towards a future project.  For any on-site installation order questions please contact our lead designer (


As all our items are handmade and each product made to order, we do not accept returns once shipped as all sales are considered final and delicate to transport back to our studio.  It is important for the buyer to ensure that the size, finish selections, and details have been ordered correctly by the buyer upon entering and processing.  We are not responsible for order details that are entered and processed by the buyer incorrectly.

Change Order Requests

Buyers are responsible to ensure that all information entered and submitted is correct which includes but not limited to shipping information, sizing, and finish selections.  If there is an error on an order placed or a change request is needed, please contact us immediately.  If that information is received within 5 business days before your product has been put into production we will gladly adjust the information to your order and make those changes if it is like for like product.  If that request is made within 5 business days but the requested change is a cost in material or labor that is above the ordered item, we will supply you with a cost difference and send an invoice to purchase the adjustment.  In the same regard if the change requested is below the order value, we will refund the difference.  If a change order request is made after 5 business days it is up to the discretion of our team based on where your order is at in the production line if that change can be made. This may incur additional charges (up to 30% restocking fee for all materials ordered for your order) or may be denied if your order is too far along in the production process.  Any change order requests (which includes shipping) that is requested once your order has been boxed and shipped will be denied.   Any change order requests that need to be made should be emailed to for proper handling.

Incorrect Item Received

Our goal is provide quality home décor and furniture. If you suspect that your item was produced incorrectly, please contact our Production Team ( and include details about your order including the platform purchased (ie our website, West Elm, Lulu and Georgia, etc), your order number, details of the error, and pictures to support your claim.  If your claim is approved, we will supply you with the necessary steps to ensure that a correction for this error is processed properly. Failure to follow the return process details provided to you may result in a denial of your claim.  Therefore it is imperative that the information provided to you for your claim is adhered to and is not deviated in any way.

Lost/Damaged/Stolen Packages in Transit


Should your package become lost, stuck in customs, or has stopped updating on the appropriate carriers website after 2-3 business days, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Logistics team for assistance.

Stolen Packages

All of our products, unless otherwise requested and noted by the buyer, will be delivered to the address requested without a signature for delivery.  If you require a signature for delivery, please request this additional carrier insurance upon submitting an order in your order notes so that this request can be assigned to your order.  If an order is placed and ships without this request, we will be unable to add this additional step and therefore are not liable for any stolen packages.

All trusted carriers have delivery confirmations including date, time, and in most cases a location noted when a package has been delivered.  If a delivery confirmation has been assigned to your tracking number but your package has not been received, please note we are not responsible for any stolen packages and will not replace any orders suspected of theft.

Damage In Transit

All items are fragile and delicate to ship. If your product arrives damaged or you have damage concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Logistics Team ( In your email please submit a description of the damage and in addition, pictures of the damage to your product and pictures of the box that it arrived in.  Please note that we take shipping carrier damage considerations very seriously as do our shipping carriers. We will receive, investigate your claim, and take further action upon receipt with our carriers shipping insurance if the evidence provided is deemed a shipping carrier error in which next steps will be provided. Please note that notification of damage in transit is required to be reported within 7 business days after delivery in order for us to properly claim damage to our carriers. Anything outside of that timeframe is subject to claim denial.

We are not responsible for the correction or replacement of product from a buyers mishandling of our products.  If your claim is determined to be customer induced damage your claim will be denied and you will be liable for the damage to your product.   


Unless otherwise agreed to with one of our team members or is noted on a particular product listing, all customers will be responsible for any import taxes and duties that your order may incur.