I started Candice Luter Art + Interiors from a deep passion for design that all started in my house on the dining room floor. 

Starting out small with the limited resources I had access to around me as a single mother, I always looked to find purpose in what was considered worth discarding.  Gathering broken furniture, discontinued fabric, and everything in between that was being sent to the trash from the design firms I worked for, I slowly began to find my creative journey spending intentional time dreaming up "what could be" better than what was.  Diving head first into power tools, design tools, and different creative mediums my hobby began to take form.  This much needed hobby for "me time" began to spark a passion that ignited and propelled forward into a product line of home décor and furniture to fill my first home that I purchased with my young daughter. We made it our own and internally without realizing it, was forming who I was as a young bi-racial woman.

As my business grew I began to drown in orders and realized the need for help.  It takes a village and this girl needed a community.  When a call to action on social media was put forth one vulnerable evening, that call was answered by many talented and resourceful women who reached out wanting to get behind what I was trying to accomplish. It was the most beautiful thing to watch a team become a family as we embarked on this unknown journey TOGETHER.  

Migrating out of my home to a design studio (aka The Warehouse), it was important for me to be the kind of leader that women could show up as themselves.  I took time to write down our mission statement which turned into a list of core values that while may be a little off the beaten path for a business, it was EXACTLY what a collaborative business like Candice Luter Art + Interiors is all about.  



At The Warehouse....

  • We find purpose to dream bigger, reach further, and jump higher in ourselves FIRST and then to those around us. If you can’t be good to yourself, you can’t be good to anyone around you. 
  • We are in this together.  Building a community of strong women who lend a hand, lean on each other, and lift each other up.  Always.
  • We work hard. And when the going gets tough, we get going. We are the Rosie Riveters of our uncertain times. Looking past what is happening around us but focusing on what is before us. One common goal, one common heart.
  • We listen first before speaking.   We encourage open communication seeking to hear and understand before responding.  Above all respect for one another no matter their age, background, and history.
  • We share knowledge.  To learn from one another not in fear of competition but in favor of collaboration. Each of us has unique God-given talents that should be encouraged, fostered, and supported in a positive uplifting way.  
  • We fail hard.  Failing is necessary and obstacles are opportunities.  We look to discover new ideas, new efficiencies, and new avenues to expand knowledge and experience growth 
  • And finally, we do "WE".  Regardless of the name on the brand, this is a team of "we".  We are all on the same playing field, just different positions and every position is important. One cannot work without the other.   

In a nutshell, we