Candice Luter makes custom art in Cedar Rapids, Iowa studio

Iowa-based artist, Candice Luter, has a knack for weaving experience together to create beauty. In 2014, she began creating one-of-a-kind designs from her home studio.  What started as a hobby continued to build momentum and reached a tipping point during the COVID-19 pandemic. After being laid off from her full-time job, Candice launched Candice Luter Art + Interiors.

Influenced by her travels, family, and life experiences, she skillfully blends mid-century modern, art deco and minimalist styles to create commercial art and unique home décor.

Today, Candice Luter Art + Interiors is proud to have work commissioned for major retailers and hotel chains all over the country. She won Etsy's 2021 Grand Prize, has a line in West Elm's Local Artist Collaboration, and was featured in Target’s Black History Month collection. Candice Luter specializes in freelance design and small batch manufacturing of custom furniture and home décor.