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Clear Through The Trees in Green-Glass Framed Print

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IF THESE WALLS COULD TALK: An Introspective growth series

"Clear Through The Trees“⁠ in Green


Nothing in this world makes me more anxious than when I'm bogged down into the details (weeds) of life. It can be oh-so-overwhelming to try and juggle everything that comes my way that sometimes I have to just walk away...and that is ok. Everyone has their tipping point or their "max" when it comes to life. Being a parent, a business owner, managing relationships, whatever IT is it can be alot. That's when its time to decompress, re-evaluate, and spend the time taking internal inventory.⁠

When I started designing the series "If These Walls Could Talk", it was important to design artwork around REAL LIFE and those EXPERIENCES that make us the layered individuals that we all are. We all struggle with something and what a better way to keep those growth goals front and center than to have artwork that we can connect with on a daily basis like this painting here. At first glance (just like in life) it's easy to focus on the weeds in front of us that entangle and distract us from the bigger picture. Instead, focus on the clear through the weeds (the white space) to remind you that it isn't about what's directly in front of you, but what is beyond (your goals, your purpose, your passions) that is so much more important than what a few blades of grass could do to muddle your vision. ⁠

Shift through the weeds, see through the trees.  You got this.⁠


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