Design Tip Tuesday-Chalk Paint vs. Chalkboard Paint

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Design Tip Tuesday-Chalk Paint vs. Chalkboard Paint
Chalk Paint vs Chalkboard what is the difference?

There still seems to be some confusion out there when it comes to the word "chalk" being associated with paint, so I'm here to set the record straight on this week's #designtiptuesday!

Chalkboard paint... is just what it is, paint that's meant to be written on with chalk. And let me tell you, chalkboard paint has come a long way from your standard black and now comes in various colors at your local hardware store. What is it good for? Walls, wood, and any project that you intend to write on with chalk. Note, the flatter the surface the better (walls for example have texture so you'll have to be more intentional with writing neatly for it to be more legible. Is it good on plastic, laminate, or metal? I would not recommend that at all as it will scratch off. While we are on the subject, chalk pens are great for when you want to be very precise as its much more fluid like a pen, however most times when you want to write something new it WON'T rub off even with a damp rag!! So I use pens in more permanent applications and stick to standard chalk for when I want to have the flexibility to change it up.

Chalk a paint that has a finish that dries a bit chalky. You'll notice a few things when using chalk paint. A) it dries very quickly b) its much more thick than standard latex paint c) it has much better coverage than anything you've used before. Whats all the hype about? Chalk paint is designed for a "no-prep" application on your surface cutting your project time down by way more than half! No sanding. No prepping. Just start painting! My favorite place to pick up cheap chalk paint? Wal-mart! What can I use it on? Just about anything, even metal (though I would still avoid laminate or plastic)!  Happy painting!